Corporate events is not just about funny photos.
It's about driving engagement, leads, branding and ultimately increase revenues.

This is exactly what we help you with.

Consumers today want more. They don’t just buy your products, they want to understand your values and get to know you as a brand.

Our photo booth technology lets you create spectacular events, capture those moments and ultimately convert consumers into loyal brand advocates. Engage consumers and leave them wanting more. That’s our promise.

Trade Shows


Product Launches


Be Unique!


Make your company events better!

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Data Leads Capture

Quickly grow your leads database with our premium data capture functionality.

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Complete summary of all actions, view-able in real time and also after your campaign. Track measure and generate results.


User Generated Content

Enhance your digital content library with branded user generated assets. Let users share your content online across all social media platforms.


Social Sharing

Expand your digital footprint with user shared content through social media.


Custom Wraps

Custom designed branded booth wraps, backdrops, and complete user experience.


Branded Microsites

Microsite gallery customized to match your brand and updated in real time.

Who We Are

Vancouver Island’s leading brand activation company, we turn events into unforgettable occasions and immerse consumers in unrivaled brand activation.

Adding the X-factor to every event or marketing campaign, we work with clients to engage their audience in creative ways; delivering objectives and leaving every stakeholder with a memento of an unforgettable brand experience.

We offer the ultimate in events entertainment. Designed to make an impact, and deliver stand-out engagement that your audience will clasp and share on social media.

Watch as your guests step into a world of fun, where they can’t help but strike a pose and show off their best selfie in front of the screen, while you receive:

  • Ultimate brand awareness
  • Audience engagement
  • User generated content
  • Social sharing
  • Compliant data capture

What can we do

From corporate dinners to annual awards, as well as employee engagement events, we can deliver event entertainment that drives engagement and lets your employees interact in informal and innovative ways.

Our creative team will work with you to:

  • Develop a photo experience to exceed your expectations
  • Concept designs to connect with your audience
  • Engage key audiences and drive positive brand awareness
  • Find new opportunities

We partner with your agency

We partner with you and your marketing agency to deliver content-rich engagements at your events. We work closely with agencies to create activities that enhance your marketing strategy.


Get in touch with us

We have several options for all style of events and budgets.