DIY - "Self Serve" Social Photo Booth

Perfect option for smaller budgets and still want something fun.

How it works:

We ship it to you
You set it up
You ship it back to us

What it looks like


What's included:

  • Daily or multi-day rental
  • Event is pre-programmed and ready to go for you
  • Design and animations
  • Logo, printed message and/branding branding on photos
  • Unlimited text and email of photos/videos
  • Photo gallery emailed
  • 1x photo
  • 1x 3-in-1 photos
  • 1x boomerangs
  • AI backgrounds
  • Courier charges
  • Setup by our staff
  • Custom designs
  • Trick photography and effects
  • Professional photography lights
  • On-site attendant/technician
  • Props
  • Physical backdrops
  • Printing
  • Special effect lighting


- How are the photos sent to the guests? Is it instantaneous upon taking the photos?
Text message, email and after the event we email you all the photos/videos via a download link.

- Do the hosts get copies or just the guests?
We email you all the photos/videos as the event

- Is there a way to set up a printer if you have one?
No printing.

- Is it easy for guests to use?
Super easy to use. It will guide them through everything.
Touch here
Select photo/video
Share via text or email

(and what they don't tell you)

We want you to have a great experience and setting up a photo booth requires skill, experience and having the proper equipment.

Here's the full disclosure so you don't get disappointed.

The DIY version is good and easy but it does require some technical skills. Because our staff is not there to set it up properly; problems can happen.

Experience has taught us:

  1. dedicate a person throughout the evening to help guests. This is especially important if guests get boozy. Guests will push it, move it, turn it, play with it... etc etc... meaning the next person will have crappy photos. And guests might be rough on equipment meaning damages will happen that you have to pay for.
  2. setting up can be tricky if you are not familiar with photography equipment
  3. 9 of 10 times our customers do not touch or change anything. They just assemble the stand (takes 3 minutes) and plug it into a power outlet. When we receive it back, we activate all the text messages etc so it sends.
  4. courier delays - at times (has happened) the courier is delayed and either it won't arrive on time or the battery is dead on arrival (and difficult to setup remotely) - sadly no refunds
  5. professional extra lighting should be set up for better quality photos (not required but highly beneficial) - we can include professional lights at extra costs but you need to know what light setting should be used and change settings throughout the night.
  6. Support is limited via phone only. Support is charged $49/15 min intervals.

Security deposit?
$750 damage and security deposit is required along with a rental agreement stating you are 100% liable for any damages.

Odds of things not working?
If you follow the above points - it will work just fine and guests will have lots of fun.

Tell us about your event and let's start something fresh!