Photo and Video Experiences

Tailor made just for you.

Booths for Special Events

Every event experience is designed for a specific theme. Latest theme is Ai inspired photography.

  • Ai programming
  • Choose your photo style
  • Specially designed theme
  • Extra fancy
  • VIP items are often included

Learn more about Ai photography.

Booths for Weddings

The wedding experience is specially designed theme where we include a few fancy extras.

  • Choose your photo style
  • Photo guest book + extra prints
  • Specially designed theme
  • Extra fancy
  • VIP items are often included

Learn more about our 3 Wedding experiences


Graduation experiences

The graduation experience is designed for either High School graduation or higher level. It's designed to meet certain themes like Casino, Gatsby, 80's, Disco or Elegant. We also include extra printing.

  • 2 for 1 booth - Choose your photo booth style and we'll include a Social Booth
  • Specially designed themes
  • Can be a standard or custom design
  • VIP items can be included

Learn more about the Graduation experience


Birthday parties

Having a photo booth for birthdays and other celebrations is a great way to Level Up your party. We have many different booths for smaller budgets.

  • Social Booth or Vintage booth
  • We setup and take down
  • No onsite attendant
  • Choose a few hours or have an all night party

Christmas parties

Level up your Christmas party this year. We have several Christmas editions and styles to choose from so book in today!

  • Choose a booth style
  • Christmas themed
  • We setup and take down
  • Lots of VIP extras

Learn more about Christmas parties here



We have different rates depending on:

style of booth
type of event & guest count
how many hours
Premium add-ons
day of the week and
other customizations you might want.

Get in touch and get an estimate