Social Booth

Perfect photo booth for any social events when you want loads of fun sharing photos online and instant text.

Photos get sent directly via text, email and online download.

The Social Booth usually doesn't have an attendant but we set it up professionally for you.
Available for short or all day events.

What it looks like

Bring out your creativity

Choose Standard or Premium

Standard Edition

2 to 8 hours
Delivery, setup & take down
Photo/video designs
Personalized photos (name logo etc)
Unlimited photos
Unlimited photo texting
Extra lighting
Digital props
Photo gallery

Premium Edition

Standard plus
Fancier setup and designs
(e.g. wedding, grads, celebrations etc)
AI and Special effects
Custom print designs
Custom animations
More photo overlays
AI background removal


Will require an onsite attendant
Printing station
VIP props and items
Special effects photography


So... what is this digital Social photo booth really?

This bad boy is 100% digital and stand alone. No hostess needed. It engages your guests in a totally different way than the Mirror. Our digital booth is all about getting creative and guests moving. Not just standing still. The outputs are hilarious. It texts your boomerangs and gifs and video effects straight to your phone so you can share with friends online who are not at the event.

Does it print?

No, we don't print (but can be added). This booth offers a lot more than just static photos and prints. You can't print an animated gif or a meme and stick it in a book. Think TicTok meets Snap Chat and Instagram.

Share online?

Yes! Create a hash tags, animated gifs, boomerangs, videos and of course awesome photos and we will bring it to life on the Aura mirror. Guests can view and receive them via text message, email, Instagram, Facebook or online gallery.

Do I get props?

You can add props but this this booth has digital props that use face tracking that guests get to choose from. Think “snap chat” filters. It's super fun!

Do I get a guest book?

Nope (unless you really want one). We supply all images and boomerangs in a digital download that you can upload to Facebook in an album so everybody can see and have fun with. You can’t do that with a physical guest book.

How many hours do I get?

How many hours do you want? You get way hours more than the mirror gives you. We drop it off and pick it up later. You simply have fun with it.

Tell us about your event and let's start something fresh!